Rocky Ridge Jack Russells​​
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Next liters in 2019                                               
Hunter and Shoshanna's Puppies 2018

Proud Mom

  Puppy # 1
He says give me 5".
 He loves his new


Has a new home and is enjoying time on the coast with his new family.
Sadie McKenzie 
 Is doing great in her new home!!
​with her new friend Sally

    ​            OSO​​
​ Was able to meet and join his new family. It looks like he will get plenty of loving.


 Headed for her new home in Santa Cruze. She made herself right at home

All the puppies for 2018 have new homes next liters will be in 2019

Here is Shyanne
​with her new babies and taking the grandkids for a ride

Here we are at 7 weeks old

​​      PUPPY # 1
​   Is on his way to Dunlap CA. and loves his new owner
​  Is in Red Bluff playing with his new siblings

​  Is enjoying her new home in Dixon

  PUPPY # 4 
​ Is flyingflying     south to her     new home.

Little Een Hunter



Shoshanna's & Hunter's Puppies 2018 

         Puppies were born 3/16/2018 & 4/5/2018
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​                    Boys on Blue Bandana Girls on Pink

Proud Mom

This row is a 2 week old mug shot

Puppy # 1

Puppy # 2Male

Has a new home and cant wait to enjoy time on the coast with his new family.
Sadie McKenzie Has a new home and is excited and can't wait to meet her new family!!

    ​   OSO
Has a new home and is excited to meet his new family. He is growing fast.

Puppy #5

 Has a new home and is just waiting to be 8 weeks old so she can be with her new owners

As of 4/5/2018 Sam and Shyanne are proud parents of 2 female and 2 male puppies.
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​​PUPPY # 1