Rocky Ridge Jack Russells​​​
Hunter and Shoshanna's Puppies 2019
     All puppies are with their new families

Has moved in with his family in the Fresno area.

​Puppy #2
Has joined his  family in
​Is home with his owner and is in awe of  Lake Tahoe
​Groot has joined Rocket & Ginger in his new home
Sam & Shyanne's Puppies from 2018
Here is Shyanne
​with her new babies and taking the grandkids for a ride
Here we are at 7 weeks old

​​      PUPPY # 1
​   Is on his way to Dunlap CA. and loves his new owner

​  Is in Red Bluff playing with his new siblings

​  Is enjoying her new home in Dixon

  PUPPY # 4 
​ Is flying    south to her     new home.


Little Een Hunter



Shoshanna's & Hunter's Puppies 2018 

         Puppies were born 3/16/2018 & 4/5/2018
            call to reserve yours  530-472-1125

​                    Boys on Blue Bandana Girls on Pink

Proud Mom

This row is a 2 week old mug shot

Puppy # 1

Puppy # 2Male

Has a new home and cant wait to enjoy time on the coast with his new family.
Sadie McKenzie Has a new home and is excited and can't wait to meet her new family!!

    ​   OSO
Has a new home and is excited to meet his new family. He is growing fast.

Puppy #5

 Has a new home and is just waiting to be 8 weeks old so she can be with her new owners

As of 4/5/2018 Sam and Shyanne are proud parents of 2 female and 2 male puppies.
                                                Call to reserve yours now. 530-472-1125

​​PUPPY # 1